Trying to live the perfect life? Yeah, I was too. 


Hi, I'm Georgie Bryant. Welcome to Where the Light Plays.

I’m a writer, blogger, editor, project manager and life coach. I work with successful yet unsatisfied women to help them ditch perfection and avoid burning out over their self-imposed high expectations. Together we create a balanced and highly satisfying life for them.

Around the time I turned 30, I delved into the world of personal development. I’d been interested in it as a teenager, reading the self-help books that lined the walls of my mother’s home office.

After leaving home to go to university and throughout my 20s, I shut the intuitive side of myself out. Sure, I worked hard, racking up achievements at work. I exercised, I meal prepped, I married, I bought a house, but I also found solace in falling off the food and alcohol wagon every weekend, struggled with negative thoughts and never truly felt satisfied with reaching the goals I’d set for myself. I wasn’t truly happy with my life but I didn’t know why and I probably didn’t want to find out why.

When I turned 30, the idea of working out how to manage my thoughts and find satisfaction was getting more and more appealing. I felt compelled to start picking up self-help books again. I spent hours each day listening to personal development podcasts and eventually I owned up to what was going on.

My life could be whatever I wanted it to be and my thoughts could also be whatever I wanted them to be. I could think I was unsatisfied and bored and dull, or I could think I had a fabulous life that I had purposefully created and was grateful for. After a couple of years of self work and positive life changes, I chose to believe the latter.

I couldn’t wait for other women to find this out too and studied to be a life coach. I now work with women who feel just like I felt – like they had ticked all the boxes and were still never content. Like nothing would ever be enough and like whatever they achieved would never be enough.

Stopping women from internally berating themselves and helping them feel like they are in the right life is the best work I could ever do.

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More about me

  • I’m in my 30s and am from Melbourne, Australia

  • I worked as a writer and editor for 10 years

  • I have a beautiful black cat called Pickles

  • I love yoga, walking along the river, the gym (well some days) and miss playing basketball and netball

  • I love coffee, pinot noir and cheese

  • My current gurus are Jess Lively, Brooke Castillo and Dr Russ Harris

  • My favourite country to visit is Greece (see photo above!)

  • I can sleep anywhere, any time

  • I can’t live without my girlfriends

  • I’m so glad you’re here!